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Hi, I'm William. I'm a student at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. My main interests are cybersecurity, signal processing, and other CS crap. I also enjoy doing web development.

You can usually find me online with the handle defund and at the services below:

While I semi-despise MLH, I have participated in a number of hackathons - my projects are on Devpost. I also have a resume, which you can view if I've given you the password.

Outside of productive stuff, I fold origami and watch anime. The only videogames I really play are Pokemon Showdown and Mario Vs. Luigi, a super niche multiplayer sidegame in New Super Mario Bros. I also periodically play Smash, Rivals of Aether, and Splatoon.

Some favorite stuff:

Finally, this website was built with Tachyons and is completely free of JavaScript. Hooray!